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Collaborate2Perform – Ososim simulation at Lane4 conference

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Ososim partner, Lane4, held its annual conference on October 7 with collaboration and innovation as its key theme. Lane4’s Head of Research, Dr. Zara Whysall started the day with a discussion on what makes successful collaboration, including the need for assertiveness as well as cooperation within high performing teams.

These dynamics are brought to life in our simulation sessions, in which team success is closely correlated to the mix of these two elements.

At the conference Ososim orchestrated a highly successful, experiential workshop with its two-player simulation that replicates the difficulties of working in a virtual or remote team. The session allowed attendees to experience and reflect on the challenges of information sharing, team synchronicity and communication. They were also forced to apply immediately the need to balance cooperation with assertiveness to succeed as a team, working, under pressure, together for the first time.